what is IMKM?

Military Krav Maga is a term I used initially to create an understanding of what I am teaching. I started my path in Krav Maga in the IDF's Krav Maga instructor course; there I learned that up to then what I did previously was wonderful, but quite hard and not able to apply it in practice and in a combat situation.

I won't lie, initially I was really against the simplicity of the method and I did not really understand why people are so excited about it because it is so simple that it does not require practicing a lot of drills. Everything is quite basic but the magic behind it I understood only several years later.

When you are an instructor in the military, you train thousands of soldiers and you recite the lesson automatically due to the fact that you taught the same thing over and over again. However, when I finished my military service I started training the operational security teams of the Israeli courthouse guards, there I understood that what I am teaching is of great significance due to the feedback I got from the field from the various security personnel.

I remember in 2001 there was a prisoner who arrived at a hearing in the Hadera courthouse, he managed to sneak in an improvised plastic knife that he made from a plastic lighter. During his testimony on the witness stand, he tried to leap on the judge, but at that time there was a security officer who stood between them and he kicked the prisoner in the chest with a repelling kick that knocked him down to the floor. The other security officers then leaped on the prisoner and cuffed him. A week later that same security officer came to a periodic refresher training session and met me, thanking me on how the training he got from me and then I understood that this simplicity has an added value to it. I could have chosen to teach them various flashy jujutsu techniques to impress them with my technical abilities and I always chose the strength that lies in simplicity.

Concurrently, I realized that substantial portions of my past in traditional martial arts have to be integrated into Krav Maga training, especially when it comes to controlling someone and how to take someone down to the ground in order to achieve tactical control. This in fact is the difference in my approach compared to other Krav Maga systems.

The difference between security personnel and a civilian during a combat/attack situation is that a civilian will try to escape the situation as fast as possible while a security officer needs to know how to handle the problem and finish it or "terminate" it in certain situations.

Why, then, the word MILITARY?

In the beginning I decided to take the military teaching method and teach it in an authentic manner to the various populations and that is what I did and am doing now in the various methods for teaching, as well as the combat spirit in which the training is conducted. The development of the characteristics of a warrior and its adaptation to the various situations one may face, in my opinion this is the most correct, the fastest and most effective way to teach the skills for combat and self defense.

In 2006 I met Ravid Schimko in Caesarea when we were both teaching Krav Maga to various security units and we understood that we both understand each other and speak the same language. Ravid was a combat arms soldier in the IDF and a security officer in a governmental security unit with a wealth of experience in Krav Maga as a direct disciple of Krav Maga master Eyal Yanilov while I was a senior instructor in the IDF with a wealth of experience in teaching various martial arts with a substantial portion of my life being a disciple of master Eli Avikzar (of blessed memory) during the course for martial arts teachers and from him I absorbed a lot and he greatly influenced my Krav Maga style.

Together Ravid and I decided to create something of our own that we believe in, we arrayed all our technical knowledge on the table, I with my jujutsu and military Krav Maga skills and Ravid with his Krav Maga skills and we created a training program as we saw fit and we started to teach this as part of the program in the security training schools at the appropriate levels.

In 2008 we were invited to a seminar in Slovenia at a dear friend of ours named Borut Kinci and there we realized that we are doing something quite different. After the first lesson and our first time abroad with plain tactical pants and a sloppily printed shirt, we managed to get attention and to motivate 100 people on the training area with a lot of sympathy and at the end of the seminar, we realized that we are doing something different than others, not necessarily in the technical aspect, but in how we teach.

Today the organization opens its doors to anyone who wishes to train in a complete, quick and aggressive method of Krav Maga that does not compromise in quality, but also for people who understand that there are other additional aspects that will make it complete. The organization has branches in Europe (Spain, Germany, Poland and France) and conducts instructor courses and professional seminars for the civilian and operational sectors.
Various groups from all over the world come annually to train at the headquarters in Rishon Lezion, while enjoying the beauty and landscape that Israel has to offer. We will be glad if you join us.