Amit Porat was born in 1979 in Kfar Saba and grew up in Netanya, Israel. His mother pushed him to train martial arts so that he might stay away from the streets and not be influenced by the bad environment. His martial arts career started with a solid foundation with one of Israel's veteran judo instructors, Yehuda Vas-Dias (who was one of the pioneers of judo in Israel), and Kyokushin full contact karate under Sasi Shiri.
However, he was greatly influenced and shaped by the art of jujutsu, in the World Jujitsu Federation under Shihan Amir Barnea, eventually earning the rank of 4th dan. It gave him the perfect foundations to train in a complete system and this shaped his way of teaching. When it comes to self defense, the method that changed his mindset was krav maga, which he first saw and practiced in the IDF while serving as a krav maga instructor. By accident he met Eli Avikzar, one of Imi Lichtenfeld (the founder of Krav Maga)'s first black belts and a master of krav maga in his own right, who later founded the Krav Magen system (KAMI). Eli led his organization to become one of the most successful in Israel. Eli's experience and wisdom stunned Amit and convinced him that this is what he wants to do for the rest of his life.

Amit claims krav maga is the most sophisticated combat discipline due to its simplicity- an intelligent combat method that focuses not on external appearences, but rather how effective and natural its movements are. Krav maga seeks to train its students (men and women) to apply its techniques in realistic situations and is applicable to different populations within society. Krav maga is not a martial art- and should not be treated as such- but when Amit looks at the complete totality of training, he realizes that attainment self defense skills in real life situations and creating life saving solutions is the actual art of krav maga.

For the past sixteen years Amit has been training various levels of security personnel in various security training academies in Israel. He trains and teaches every day between six to eight hours a day and also continues to teach krav maga to military personnel as a reservist in the IDF.