You can't resist using natural actions!

The father of the theory of evolution, Darwin said that in order to survive you need to optimally adapt to the environment and ultimately, the strongest or most fit survives.
From our start of our existence on this earth we have developed rooted patterns of response whose goal is survival.
With the fight or flight response up to the development of technical skills and survival.
In addition to these, we have reflexes that are embedded, these are involuntary movements that do not depend on thought, these instincts are our natural responses for survival as the choice to run away when there is an existential threat as a powerful explosion.
On both of these milestones Krav Maga is based on.
Our idea in Krav Maga is to teach the trainee something new but to use his innate and amend or adapt it as a solution to the situation.
In one of the days when I was close to my master Eli Avikzar at the Wingate College of Physical Education as part of guidance in instructor courses, I have witnessed this magic of movement and a natural response.
There was a man in Israel whp was a renowned karate expert who presented impressive exercises, ELi at the end asked him with an Israeli audacity with his heavy Moroccan scent, "and you think that if I give you a slap you can stop me like that ..?." He answered, "Yes, of course, I have been doing this for years and I have an excellent muscle memory," he said, Eli said to him,"you know what? I will surprise you and let's see what you do." They both agreed with a smile.
After three weeks we ate in the dining room, Eli sat in front of that same person, and then suddenly jumped towards him and simulated a slap in front of him, the karateka performed a reflexive outward defense (360) perfectly ... Eli said .. "You see, you can not fight our nature, no karate defense??? " The karateka laughed and replied, " while I am in the middle of eating??"
That instant taught me an important rule.
No matter how hard you try ... you can not remove something that is deep in your mind.